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    Due to Covid-19 we all are unable to get our workouts on like normal and a lot of us who teach can't hold classes like normal. With that said I will continue to share quality content on my Youtube channel and on other platforms for you all around the world to assist with your physical fitness, mind, and soul.

    Any and all donations are always appreciated for the workouts and experience you get with me and the team. please click the DONATE tab above. 

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Mike Peele

    One of L.A.'s top dance/fitness workout classes created by fitness athlete/creator and fitness Universe and America champ Mike Peele.


    A high energy dance class, dance moves you can follow to music you will love. Burn a minimum of 300 to over 1,000+ calories, build a toned body, and push your mind and body to the next level.  There are NO JUDGMENTS and everyone is welcome to take the class from beginner to advance fitness and dance enthusiast. Reaching your fitness goals and committing to a new and improved lifestyle.


  60min Class (Live Classes)

  5min  Full body warm-up & stretch 

  35min  Learning of dance moves & running it from the top.

  10 min Fit potion of class (toning of your muscles)

  10min  of intense dance cardio doing the entire dance over and over to get the heart rate back up. 


    The follow-along dance is built throughout the class. You will never be left behind or feel like you can't get it.  Come be a part of an environment that promotes encouragement, empowerment, and growth. Change starts here!

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