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I purchased a class pack and I still have some classes.  Would my class pack be available upon Mike's/ Hip Hop Fit return?

Your ACTIVE class pack has been suspended.  The day we returns for instruction will be the day your class pack will be ACTIVE again.  Note: The expiration date will automatically be updated from the time it was suspended to the time it becomes active.  i.e. If you had 2 weeks remaining before the expiration, that same amount will be adjusted accordingly.

Where are you located?

Crenshaw Yoga & Dance 5426 Crenshaw Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90043

Is there parking?

There are 3 public parking lots (5401 Crenshaw Blvd., 5407 11th Ave., & 5345 11th Ave.) and plenty of street parking available on 54th St./Crenshaw Blvd.

How much is class? What's the expiration date?

Single Class for $28 (expires in 3 months after sale date)

4 Class Pack  for $100 (expires in 30 days after sale date)

8 Class Pack  for $190 (expires in 45 days after sale date)

Can I drop in to any class?

It's best to BOOK and RESERVE your SPOT prior to class. If you forgot to pre-sign up, you will be asked to complete the booking process online. Cash will NOT be accepted.

How to book a class?

  1. Go to

  2. Click CLASSES

  3. Click BOOK NOW on the class of your choice

  4. Select the day/time you want to take class

  5. Click NEXT

  6. Fill in your details

  7. Click each box to agree to Terms and Conditions (Waiver of Liability, Filming Waiver, & Privacy Policy)

  8. Click ADD TO CART

  9. Click CHECK OUT

  10. Place order

How to schedule/sign-up for additional classes after you've purchased a class pack?

  1. Log into your profile


  3. Select the day/time you want to take class

  4. Click BOOK NOW

  5. Fill out/Confirm account details (including name and Terms/Conditions)

    • If scheduling 1 class→ Click BOOK NOW

    • If scheduling more than 1 class → Click Add to Cart and schedule another class.


What's the Check-In process?

After you've signed up for class, check-in with a HHF team member. Give your name and the class item you purchased (i.e. Single Class or Class Pack)

Do I have to create my own profile? 

Each HHF member is required to create their own profile in order to review and accept all the Terms & Conditions (Waiver of Liability, Filming Waiver, & Privacy Policy).  

Can I pay for my friend?  Gift a class?

Yes, you can pay for another in-person.  The "FRIEND" would still need to create a profile for liability purposes.

What Payment Methods are acceptable?

HHF prefer that you pre sign-up and pay online.  For in-person check-in, HHF accepts credit card and Apple pay.  

What time is check in?

Check-in starts 15 minutes before class. There's a 10 minute grace period after class has started to check-in. Class will be closed 10 minutes!

What if it's my 1st time taking a Hip Hop Fit class? What do I do?

  1. Go to


  3. YOU READY?! Select the day/time you want to take class

  4. Click NEXT

  5. Fill in details

  6. Click each box to agree to Terms and Conditions (Waiver of Liability, Filming Waiver, & Privacy Policy)

  7. Click BOOK NOW

  8. Enter Customer Details

  9. Click PLACE ORDER

What is the cancellation policy?

There's a 2 hour cancellation period. You will have to login to your account on site and cancel or reschedule your class.

Instructions below:

  1. Login into your profile

  2. Go to My Bookings

  3. Select the class you want to cancel or reschedule

  4. Click 

    • CANCEL


      • Select the new class

      • Click RESCHEDULE

Can I extend a class pass?

An extension is ONLY offered for a medical reason.  Send a message to the inbox with a doctor's note to review to grant the extension.

What should I wear?

Be comfortable! You’re going to move and sweat! Wear anything that you feel good moving around in. Please wear sneakers.


Should I bring a towel, water, and/or yoga mat?

Towel- Yes, because you can get sweaty with all the dancing you will be doing

Water- Yes, it's good to stay hydrated

Yoga mat- There will be times MP will add the "FIT" to the Hip Hop Fit part of class. Stay ready!

Studio Etiquette

  • Share the dance floor. No one has "A SPOT"

  • Silence cell phones and electronic devices.

  • Be on time. If you are more than 10 minutes late, you will not be allowed to enter class for your safety and the respect of the class/instructor.

  • No gum in the studio.

  • Please DO NOT touch the mirrors.

  • Hip-Hop Fit will not tolerate dancers that are rude, insulting, or offensive to the staff and/or fellow dancers. If a negative interaction(s) occur, you may/will be asked to leave our premises.

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