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      Mike Peele is an Actor, Voice-over artist, and an awarded Choreographer and Dancer. He has performed alongside such artists as Madonna, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Beyonce and Usher to name a few. Mike has over 20 years of experience with dance/choreography, artistic directing and teaching. Some network credits include BET Awards & Hip-Hop Awards, NBC's "The Voice", MTV's "90's House", ABC's New Years Rockin Eve and Travel Channel "Man vs Food".



      As an Actor, Mike holds 12+ commercials to his credits including Garmin Fitness, Lexus, Nike, Crest, Children's Hospital and Gordon's Seafood. No matter if the role is comedy, action, playing a dad or a superhero. Mike gives his full dedication and focus to each role and is constantly working on his kraft. 


     Filmmaking/production and directing is and has been a passion for Mike since he was 13.  He has a B.A in Film/TV mass media production. He has over 15 years of experience in camera operating, lighting, sound, and film editing. Mike's knowledge and experience include producing and directing commercials, documentary's, drams and short films. 


     There are no limits to Mike's talents and creativity.

Height: 6"0

Weight: 225lbs

Eye Color: Brown

Build: Muscular/Athletic/Fit

Hair: Bold/Short

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Education: BA in Film/TV mass Media Production


Garmin Fitness | Athlete |2018 to 2020

All media & Print Ad

Gorton's Seafood | 2019

Role: Lead Actor | Mer-Bro

St. John's Hospital (Men's Health )| 2019

Role: Bodybuilder

Herbal Life 24 | 2019

Role: Weight Lifter 

Crest Complete Whitening + Scope | 2019

Role: Dad


Wom Cellphone (Chile) | 2019

Role: Bodybuilder 

Nike "Stability" | 2017

Role: Bodybuilder 


Gillette "Noise"| 2016

Role: Athelete 

Lexus "Make Some Noise" | 2015

Role: Model / Dancer


Tropicana Orange Juice| 2013

Role: Delivery Man


Xfinity w/Sofia Vergara | 2010

Role: Pit Crew

Children's Hospital | 2009

Role: Dad

Rooms 2 Go | 2009

Role: Football Player

The Army | 2008

Role: Sargent

Kodak "Digital Frame"| 2007​

Role: Hiker

CocaCola | Print Ad | 2007

Role: Rapper


Devil in I.T. | LifeTime Network   Dir. Lane Bishop

Role: Exotic Dancer

Snoop Dog's "Jockers Wild" | TBS network

Role: Contestant  

MTV's 90's House 

Lead Choreographer 


SNL w/Rihanna

Role: Dancer


Travel Channel Man vs Food 

Lead Choreographer 


Tamar Braxton & Vince | We TV 

Role: Male dancer


Pop Sugar Fitness/Dance Sugar Fit

Role: Dance/Fitness Instructor- Trainer 

Dance Showdown Season 4 & 5 | DanceOn Network

Role: Pro Choreographer 


MORE- Sports  Fitness App | China

Role: Choreographer /Dancer / Trainer /Instructor


PaPa | Sangsang Films | Dir. Han Ji-Seung

Role: Lead Choreographer 


Stomp The Yard || Rainforest Films, | Dr. Sylvian White

Role: Stepper "Brother Bass"/ Dancer (Principal Role )


BXB (Fashion Film) | Dir. DiGi/Anthony Franco

Role: Boxer


FURST (Fashion/Drama Film) | Dir. Dustin Robertson

Role: Lead/Soldier 


Medea's Family Reunion  | Lionsgate | Dir. Tyler Perry

Role: Valet Guy


I heart Radio Concert  w/Rihanna 

Role: Dancer


"Talk That Talk" Promo Tour  w/Rihanna 

Role: Dancer


Robin Hood Gala  w/Rihanna 

Role: Dancer


Nike Rockstar Workout with Crunch Fitness & Jamie King 

Role: Dancer / Trainer 


Super Bowl | Destiny's Child performance 

Role: Dancer


Destiny's Child  | "NFL kick off"

Role: Dancer


Ragg's Kids Club Live Tour | Character "B-Maxx"

Role: Dancer /Character Actor


FMA Live national tour | NASA & Honey Well International

Lead Actor/ Dancer /Rapper / Singer (2 year run)

Music Videos

Muse "Pressure" | Dir. Lance Drake | Production: Whitelist

Role: Body double for Terry Crews


Muse "Algorithm" | Dir. Lance Drake | Production: Whitelist

Role: Body double for Terry Crews


Madonna Ft. Nicki Minaj "Give me all your love" 

Role: Dancer/Football player


Livvi Frac ft. Pitbull "That Chick" 

Role: Dancer


Kreesha Turner "MJ" 

Role: Lead Model / Dancer


Destiny's Child "Lose my breath"

Role: Dancer


Inferno "Can't go back" 

Role: Dancer

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