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Meet Mike Peele

Actor | Voice-over |Producer Awarded Athlete

Mike Peele, a creative visionary, high-energy, passionate power house of talent. Whether it's TV, film or on stage; as a dancer, choreographer or as an actor; Mike Peele is the total package and a true star.

Mike is one of today's most exciting, energetic and creative talents in the industry. As a professional dancer for the past 10 years, Mike Peele has established himself as one of the premiere dancer/choreographers in the country. He's been in films such as Step Up 3D, Stomp The Yard, Drum Line and others.

Mike also has performed on SNL (Saturday Night Live), MTV, Travel Channel, BET and has danced alongside Madonna, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Beyonce to name a few. Mike's dancing skills are only matched by his drive to create the most unique and hottest performance that anyone has ever seen. Even with continued success as a dancer for the past 10 years, Mike has been able to move in the choreographer chair's. He's choreographed for Latin star J. Martin, Travel Channel's Man Vs Food, The Phoenix Awards and more. Mike choreographed his first feature film "PaPa". an international Korean drama/comedy, it opened #3 at the box office.

Mike has well over 6 million supporters/fans through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogs all over the world. Whether it's film, TV, or the stage, Mike Peele is passionate, high-energy creative visionary. As a dancer, choreographer and actor Mike Peele is the total package and a true star.

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